Monday, October 23, 2006

The Final Assignment

The final project is an exploration of the relationship between yourself and the city. What you carry with you (thoughts, dreams, memories) and what you find in the city (what you research, see, discover etc.)

We will pick 6 locations where the projects will be located. Different people can approach the same location different ways. We will pick one square block and the assignment can be:

around the whole block.
part of the block.
A building on the block.
Across the street.
As long as the bus does not have to take us there.

The bus can also be a location of the assignment.

while moving.
partly on, partly off.
Inside or outside.
Nothing that risks injury or that jeopardizes Temple University. i.e - No performances on the roof of the bus while moving. Or under the bus. No holding onto the bus and riding a skateboard behind. etc.

The final project is not independent of any of the other projects of the semester. It is culmulative. It can be an extention, or a reinterpretation and elaboration of any of the projects you did this semester. It should not use conventional methods to achieve its goals. If you did something you want to elaborate, do it again, more thoroughly or richly - and DIFFERENTLY.

Some sample locations:

any of the parks
South Philly (i.e The Italian Market, Fabric Row, South Street)
Under a bridge

There are some geographic limits because of time.

We will discuss in class and can answer questions.


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