Monday, October 23, 2006

Summary of the Class as Best as I can Remember

Map your week on a T-shirt
Reading: Baudelaire poem, “Garden of Forking Paths” by Borges.

Form teams, find 4 locations within a bounded geographic area, decide on one identity of imaginary person who would live 12 hours of their day within that area. Write fictional narrative of that person, dealing with their day, include way points in narrative.
Reading: Metaphor: or, the Map, the Writer is an Explorer.

Each team gathers pictures, artifacts, etc. of that person and creates giant collage
Reading: Krystzof Wodizcko, Crictical Vehichles

Rickie Sanders comments that the work reflects the thinking of Foucault’s “The Archeology of Knowledge”.
Collages are glued together, pairing one identity to another. In this class:

White male business man – African-American shop girl
Egytian vendor – Chineese male restauranteur
African American female police woman - Male homeless person

Each team then has to go out and find that person and interview them. Or document the process of failure to find them.
Reading: Carto-city by Denis Cosgrove and Mapping the Homunculus by Steve Deitz, from Else/where: Mapping, Janet Hall + Peter Abrams, eds. University of Minnesota press.

Rickie Sanders presentation – Geographic terms, Geography student work
Put something here. Each person has to figure out an “intervention” into the city and document it. Based on smart missile technology. In the first assignment – map your week on a T-shirt, we were concerned with “Where are we?” GPS technology now augments our ability to determine where we are. But it was
designed to be able to send “smart” missiles. This project is to put something into the city that will disrupt/interrupt/augment the flow of city life.

Reading: Connected Creatures from William J. Mitchell, Me + +: The Cyborg Self and the Networked City ,MIT Press, 2003

This assignment took 2 weeks to look at and review.
David Gordon joined the class.

Reading: Body, community and Space (or something) from Architecture book

Put something here – mobile. Same assignment, done again, with the addition that the disrupt/interrupt/augment include mobility – either vehicular/physical/aerial.

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